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Expert Biohacking Advice to Enhance Human Performance and Longevity


What is Biohacking?

Biohacking is a modern concept based on a timeless principle, what you can measure you can manage.

With access to data becoming easier and easier in the modern world, many people are not happy with the traditional approach to medicine, wait until your sick and have an authority figure tell you what should make you feel better.  

The biohacking approach involves a curious sense of self experimentation.  It is essentially about becoming the best version of yourself through systematically examining and modifying factors in your internal and external environment..

Track what works and what doesn’t, adjust and continue improving, a constantly upward health journey as you make gains and set new goals.

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Optimise Performance, Increase Energy and Banish Brain Fog


Entrepreneurs are always looking for an edge. Your demanding schedule, incredible drive and propensity to get the job done at all costs may mean that you notice brain fog or decreases in energy long before other people. It may also mean you sleep less or drink more than others. We are entrepreneurs so we get it; and like you wouldn’t have it any other way!

With biohacking we use data to track and objectively assess areas in our lives that may be contributing to decreased in performance before they become problems.

Biohacking also teaches us to tweak areas of our lives to create the resilience that allows us to push through the night on projects (or at networking events) or frequently fly across timezones with far less negative impact on our bodies and brain function.

Biohacking empowers us with the tools to be the best version of ourselves while at the same time preventing chronic disease later in life.

Don’t be the entrepreneur who neglects their health to build a fortune, then is struck by diagnosis which leaves them unable to enjoy the fruits of their labour.

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Be Invincible

In biohacking we focus on three core areas; our internal environment aka our physiology/biology, our external environment and our mindset/psychology.

We believe in a coaching and collaborative model to empower you towards optimizing these areas. By systematically improving ourselves in this way we create biological and emotional resilience as well as access inner resources that will propel you towards becoming the best version of yourself no matter what challenges arise. As a innovator and leader you as an entrepreneur are in a unique position to influence others. This ripple effect creates healthier and happier families, companies, communities and ultimately a better world.


N=1 Means Personalized

In biomedical research ‘n’ denotes the size of the sample population. While we need large scientific studies (and better yet systemic reviews) to guide decision making, when applied to an individual we do not always see the same result as in sample study populations. Not controlling for certain variables or biases, not taking into account genetic, ethnic, stress levels or the preexisting state of the individual or simply shitty statistical design mean studies on the same interventions often yield conflicting results. As an entrepreneur you have very specific needs and drives. Generic treatments typically are ineffective for optimising our health as they do not take into account many important lifestyle or social factors.
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Hormone Balancing
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Take Control Of Your Health With N=1 Clinical

Combining traditional and conventional medicine, nootropics, hormone optimization and cutting edge tech we see biohacking as the future of empowered healthcare. Using biohacking we can address imbalances before they become diagnoses.  We are unbiased and advocate whatever works for YOU; be it medications and/or meditation. This approach is to focus on the factors that could be holding you back and systematically impoving them so you can be a peak perfromer. This is particularly important when a persons profession and lifestyle is impacting their health. Your doctor may tell you "reduce stress" or "drink less", which for many executives isn’t a viable option. Biohacking teaches us how to be more resiliant to stress and hack our bad habits.
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Biohacking Coaching From Your Home or Office

This is not your average GP clinic, where appointment times range from 8-15 minutes and you are only allowed to discuss one problem per visit. Our technology stack means you can access our services anywhere and connect with us from around the world.

We find that coaching from your home or office allow us the unique opportunity to also glimpse what environmental factors may be holding you back, while Initial appointments take the time to gather all pertinent information and