Dr V's Personal Story Part 3

Its funny how sometimes the perfect people show up right when you need them, if only you remain open to chance meetings.  After a long exhausting day where I was seriously contemplating quitting the profession all together, I heard a boisterous man with a funny accent joking about Poop Pills in our office reception.  It was that voice, drawing me out of my office that changed the course of my entire life.  We hit it off and I ended up joining the company the New Zealander founded.   Part of the deal was I was to come to Auckland for 2 weeks to meet with the team in person and clarify our vision for the project.

 Little did I know, the decision to visit New Zealand nearly two years ago, was another absolutely pivotal one for me. I was swept up in a whirlwind of falling in love, excitement and possibility in a land of incredible culture, stunning physical beauty and perhaps most importantly, superior coffee. Nothing I had experienced before could have ever rivaled the sheer magnetism of this new life. A few days after arriving I met my soul mate and immediately recognized the exact feelings I had been wanting to manifest in my journaling and self-work.  I knew I had finally arrived in a big way.  First though, I had to make the hardest decision of my life; to leave my husband, practice, dogs and patients in the Bahamas.  As painful as it was, it was my initiation into the world of self authenticity (and perhaps represented my enrollment into the school of no longer giving a f *ck and putting myself first for a change).

 With my new best friend, business partner (complete with 20 years of business consulting and franchise building under his belt), lover and mentor, we began to crystallize the vision for Bloom Integrative Health.   

 Then while traveling in San Francisco I was introduced to the idea of Concierge or retainer based medicine. Everything clicked into place.  I knew we had just stumbled upon the perfect model for Bloom.

 I personally see concierge medicine as a viable alternative to a patriarchal, rushed, impersonalized medical system, which will get to the root cause of a client's health concerns.  As a hybrid concierge model, monthly retainer fees allow us to deliver quality service, have more time for each patient, see patients in their homes if requested, extend appointment times if needed so patients are never rushed, provide late and after hours treatments and give clients web and text communication with their doctor.  I’m happier and my clients are happier too!

I truly believe that people are much more than a collection of symptoms.  By adopting the concierge model and limiting the total amount of clients I can spend 60-90 minutes during our initial consult to really get to know my patients on a deeper level.  This allows me to remain highly invested in helping to empower and inspire them to achieve vibrant health.  Again thanks to the model we can keep our client base small to provide accessibility and superior patient care across the board.

 Enter Integrative and Functional Medicine in NZ

 Unfortunately the majority of conventional GP’s I’ve spoken to do not respect or agree with ‘traditional naturopaths” and find their training insufficient.  Similarly many naturopaths are strong advocates against pharmaceuticals and modern surgery, and are not well trained in their applications.  The public needs doctors who can bridge the gap between natural and conventional medicine, to give patients the best possible outcomes.  Problems arise when patients see multiple practitioners who do not communicate.  Detrimental interactions between supplements, herbs and drugs are common.  Great harm can come to patients who utilize both approaches, if the primary care physician for instance is not familiar with the non-drug prescriptions, or the naturopath is not knowledgeable about the side effects or indications for the medications their patients are currently takings.

Overall people are realizing purely pharmaceutical based treatments are largely ineffective for chronic disease, while craving evidence based natural therapies.  To eliminate the problems mentioned above, New Zealand needs medical professionals educated in both fields.

 That's why we are here. At Bloom Integrative Health our Integrative and Functional Medicine Concierge program is tailored to busy professionals and those who are ready to explore the deeper causes of their health concerns.  We work together with you, to create personalized treatment or prevention plans that recognize you are much more than your physical symptoms.

 I have a special interest in women's hormonal balance, mental health concerns and performance bio hacking.  If you've resonated with the content of this blog or my personal story, give us a call to see if our concierge packages are right for you.

 It’s time to Bloom!