What is Mesotherapy?
Mesotherapy was originally designed as a treatment modality to address the injuries of high-level athletes who did not want to take medications with possible side effects that could hinder their performance.  Over time, it has been found that mesotherapy is a safe method to treat many common ailments and conditions.

Mesotherapy is an effective method of relieving pain, reducing inflammation and speeding recovery time.  Taking pain medications by mouth requires it to be processed by the digestive system, acted on by the liver and taken up by the bloodstream before relief can be felt.  With mesotherapy, small amounts of various botanical extracts, vitamins, minerals, amino acids, homeopathic agents, and/or analgesics are injected directly into the area where pain is felt and can elicit immediate effects.

Mesotherapy – Procedure
Mesotherapy uses tiny needles, with very small amounts of medication being administered in the shallow layers of the skin.  This technique results in slower absorption than traditional intra-muscular injections and has different and often longer lasting physiological effects.  The medications used are based on the area of the body and type of injury treated. Mesotherapy can effectively treat musculoskeletal concerns including tendonitis, arthritis, sprains, strains, back and joint pain.  Many patients experience pain relief immediately or over the following two to three days.  In some instances, patient’s may need maintenance therapy several times a year.

Mesotherapy, of course, is not a “be-all, end-all” solution. Patients may also require physical therapy and lifestyle changes to rehabilitate and strengthen their muscles and joints in order to address the root cause.

Mesotherapy For Cosmetic Concerns
In the last 20 years mesotherapy has become more and more popular as a non-surgical way to rejuvenate aging skin and wrinkles, treat cellulite and hair loss, and in some cases target and dissolve small fat deposits.  While mesotherapy is very effective, please note that it should be used in conjunction with healthy lifestyle and dietary changes as well as a holistic health plan in order to optimize results.  For example, if you smoke, treating lines around the mouth may not give you the most favorable results, until you also stop smoking.

A mesotherapy “facial” delivers vitamins, minerals and amino acids directly into the skin to nourish and rejuvenate the skin’s cells.   This promotes production of collagen and elastin, and stimulates the skin’s metabolism.  As we age circulation to the skin is compromised.  This results in less oxygen and nutrients being available to skin cells and is one cause of premature aging.   We can address this problem with the introduction of certain nutrients to the skin through mesotherapy.

After treatment, patients usually describe their skin as looking rested, radiant, glowing and firmer. Mesotherapy is an effective addition or alternative to more invasive procedures, including botox, laser resurfacing, peels, antioxidants, topical creams facelifts and dermal fillers.

Mesotherapy is a personalized treatment and the content mixture of the injection varies in accordance with each unique case and specific area to be treated.

What to Expect During a Mesotherapy Treatment
Your skin will first be cleaned to remove any debris or bacteria that could be introduced under the skin.  Many small injections will be administered into the area to be treated, with some of the smallest needles possible (usually 30/31 gauge).  These injections may feel like tiny pricks or you may not feel much at all.  Since the practitioner will usually squeeze the skin around the injection, most people just feel the skin squeezing and hardly notice the actual skin puncture.  Depending on the medications used in the treatment, you may experience tingling, or a slight burning sensation.  Alternatively with many mesotherapy medications you may feel nothing at all.  After the treatment you will notice small “bumps” where the medication was administered into the skin.  These look like little mosquito bites and will disappear in 1-2 hours.

Possible Side Effects of Mesotherapy
When they occur, side effects related to mesotherapy are generally mild and may include a short period of burning, tingling or itching, as well as temporary soreness.  Small areas of bruising may occur, yet most bruises fade within one week. As with any medication allergic reactions are possible but uncommon.  Please inform us of any known allergies to reduce the risk of a reaction.

Vanessa Ingraham