What is Health?

Health is a state of complete physical, mental and SOCIAL well-being, not merely the absence of disease.

Health is the unrestricted flow of life in the physical body. It is a state that can be returned to once obstacles to healing are removed.

Health describes a coherent body and mind. Health occurs once one’s actions align with ones core beliefs. Health is body, mind and spirit coexisting harmoniously; and drawing on that energy of harmony to achieve its upmost potential without any significant internal obstacle.

Health is a state that allows for a return to balance once the trials and tribulations of life and weight of death strike their heavy blows.  Health is more palm tree than oak in heavy wind.

A healthy organism interacts positively and optimistically with its environment.  It does not assume the worse and adopt fear at every unknown, but remains curious, and when required cautious; but remains always, wide eyed, childlike.

 Health is connection. It is realizing that even though we exist as islands, the seas that flow between us reflect the health of everyone in the archipelago. Health is keeping the oceans pristine. Like the winds carrying LA smog to the artic, our health is deeply intertwined with that of everyone else’s and unless we inspire health of the whole planet, personal health is too a fleeting breeze.

 A healthy human being feels empowered and invigorated.  He does not fear sickness, or become obsessive in his quest to protect himself against the outside world. He sees creepy crawlies, microbes and spores as possible allies not enemies and wages no wars within himself.

Health is emotionally balanced.  It is the dynamic yet consistent relationship between the body and the mind.  Health is always available to us, yet must be maintained, over days, decades and lifetimes.  Health is not a statistical average or an assumption, not something to take for granted but something we all are entitled to.

Health is willpower in tangible form, a testament to our dedication to something greater in a world that bombards us with distractions and detractions at every turn.  Health is the long game.

Health is the optimization of the individual so that that individual can optimize their relationships with others, creating optimal societies, optimal cultures and eventually an optimal planet. Health is the optimization and realization of the greater good.  Health is bigger than you.

Health is what we naturally desire. Health MUST be the greater objective of any society, government or law.  A society that ceases to strive towards health is already deathly ill.