When most people hear the word Yoga, they think of women in tight pants contorted into impossible poses.

Yoga is really so much more than its physical practice.  Yoga is an ancient Indian system for creating unity within ourselves and between ourselves and the world we exist in.  Yoga is a Sanskrit word that literally means “to join or unite with”.  Traditionally this union is between the individual consciousness or the soul and the Universal consciousness (whatever or whomever you believe God or spirit to be).

The asana’s or Yoga postures that have become popular in the west are actually only a very small part of what yoga as a discipline really is.  Yoga postures are simply the easiest and most superficial way to begin the profound unfolding of the infinite potential that is you.

The core belief in yoga is that to obtain harmony with yourself and your environment, the body, mind and spirit need to be integrated into everything we do and feel.  In order to achieve this integration there must be balance in ones life and this is attained through proper breathing, meditation, exercise, diet and relaxation.

Vanessa Ingraham