The Bloom Model

Drawing on Dr Vanessa’s 10+ years experience in the field of integrative medicine we have designed three incredible programs to optimize brain health and performance and balance your hormones to look and feel your best. Our programs all include cutting-edge laboratory and in office testing; as well as incorporate preventative medicine, mind-body practices and nutrition - as we believe food to be our primary medicine.


We also offer one-off visits and appointments ranging from full intakes,
follow-ups and physical exams



We also offer a concierge medical program to suit the needs of our patients.

Annual or monthly retainer fees allow us to deliver quality service, spend more time with each patient, see patients in their homes, provide late and after hours’ treatment and offer clients direct communication with their doctor. The Concierge model also allows us to be your personal health advocate, helping you to navigate the complex system of testing, referrals and taking the time to make sure you understand what's going on in your body and are on board with your personalized treatment plans. This program is ideal for clients who require us to look at extensive lab testing, have complex health issues or will need frequent appointments. By paying per month instead of being billed per hour, we can save you money while getting you well!




Our initial appointments run 60 minutes.

Most patients attend the initial appointment without deciding ahead of time if they want to become a concierge member or embark on any of the programs. Prior to attending the initial visit we will be sending you some questionnaires and an in depth intake form to help guide our initial appointment.  

During the initial visit, we conduct a health history, discuss your health and wellness goals, perform a targeted physical exam, send you for further testing and/or provide initial treatment recommendations.

After the appointment and depending on your personal needs, you may decide to join our concierge program or one of the Solutions Programs.   

The price of the initial appointment will be deducted if you choose to join one of our programs or you become a concierge member.