Concierge Membership Program


Made for you

All of our treatments and wellness plans are individualised  to suit your needs. There are no generics, as there are no generic people.  Our genetics, gut micro-biome, personalities, past history and attitude all play a role in health and are taken into account with the Executive Program.  Finally we consider our approach predictive, in that if followed you should see a noticeable improvement in your health.

Included in your $295/m package:

  1. DIRECT ACCESS - Perhaps the greatest value of the executive concierge program is direct access to your doctor (  This allows continuous coaching as well as proactive monitoring of your health. As you can discuss concerns immediately, we can often prevent illness and keep you healthier.  We will be using HIPPA compliant, secure software to host online meetings (

  2. INITIAL INTAKE  (1 per year) - This is our first meeting and information gathering session.  You are welcome to visit us at 20 Beaumont St or we can meet on our secure video conferencing software.  This visit usually takes 60-90 minutes and will be comprised of an interview style consult. We recommend you bring along or email us any recent blood work you have had in the past 6- 12 months.   Please also make a note of any medications, supplements, herbs or birth control pills you currently take. Included in the visit is a urine test to look for kidney abnormalities or urinary infections.  After the visit we will likely recommend further labs depending on your case.

  3. PHYSICAL EXAM (1 per year) - This must be performed at the clinic.  You have the option of having a full physical, or you can choose to skip this portion and focus more time on an area of concern (i.e. cardiac). We recommend discussing prostate cancer screening for any male over 50.  We follow the New Zealand guidelines for cervical cancer screening, which states that all women who have ever had sexual intercourse should be offered a smear test once every 3 years from age 20 to age 69. If this is the first ever smear, or more than 5 years have elapsed since the previous smear, a second smear is recommended one year after the first, with smears every 3 years thereafter. We will also use this appointment to go over the results of your testing.

  4. PROGRESS SESSIONS  - In these sessions we will check in on your progress and reassess your goals.  You may also use these appointments to discuss new health concerns not expressed in the initial visit.   Can be conducted via secure video conferencing. Your program includes one hour extra contact time per month (can be used as one 60-min monthly, two 30-min biweekly, or 4, 15 min check-ins, per month).

  5. INCLUDED TESTING - Physioage assessments (in clinic only 60 min).

    2 Physioage assessments per year ($399)

The Physioage System is a system designed to upgrade your physical exam. It looks at 4 essential biomarkers of aeging. Distinct from our chronological age, our physiological age describes how well our organ systems are coping with our lifestyle and stress.  For example its possible for a 40 year old heavy smoker in menopause to have a cardio, skin, brain and lung age up to a decade older than their actual age.

The Physioage assessment looks at Cardioage (via pulse wave velocity- a proven measurement of arterial stiffness that  can predict individuals risk of high blood pressure and cardiovascular disease), lung age (via spirometry), skin age (via gold standard cutometer) and Brain Age (using the advanced CNS vital signs cognitive testing).  

The results of this test help us focus treatment and target organ systems. Our goal is always to reduce our physiological age! We can't stop the passing of time but we often can reverse our physiological age.

  1. ACCESS TO PROFESSIONAL LINES OF SUPPLEMENTS - These are higher quality, produced in pharmaceutical grade facilities are tested for heavy metals and contaminants and include higher dosages and forms of nutrients not available in OTC supplements


  1. ACCESS TO ALL FUNCTIONAL MEDICINE TESTING - This includes gut testing, organic acids and specialized hormone testing (saliva, urine), advanced cardiovascular profiles.

Medical Support

  • X-ray, imaging and laboratory requests, as well as requesting your medical history from other practitioners, so you never need to worry about chasing paperwork
  • Progress notes, clinical impression and other letters to your other healthcare providers will be completed for you.