Dr Vanessa 


Dr. Vanessa Ingraham is a California licensed physician practicing integrative and naturopathic medicine with a clinic in the Auckland CBD.  Over the last 10 years she has practiced in the Bahamas and Toronto, Canada, most recently working with CEO’s and Executives both in New Zealand and San Francisco’s Silicon Valley.  The highly competitive work environment that her clients experience is often one that demands top performance despite considerable stress.


Experience and Qualifications

Opened Bloom Integrative Health

  • Auckland NZ and San Francisco CA
  • Provided concierge medical care for CEO/s and exes
  • Telemedicine/online and in person
  • Worked with (legal and safe) performance enhancing nutraceuticals (nootropics)
  • Provided care to prevent burnout and mitigate stress

Licensed in California as Integrative primary care doctor - 2015

Traveled to NZ on contract for Nutrient Rescue

  • Christchurch
  • Developed a nutritional product for Nutrient Rescue
  • Contract blog and writing white papers for company

Helped to set up Taymount clinic in Doctors Hospital West

  • Specialised center providing FMT
  • Worked with Open Biome group to learn procedure (Mass Institute of Technology)
  • Liaison with Dr David Perlmutter on project (author Grain Brain and Brainmaker and prominent neurologist)

Opened seconded Practice - The Blake Clinic - 2014

  • Nassau Bahamas
  • Partnership between myself and anesthesiologist
  • Provided pre/post surgical support (nutrition, functional and integrative medicine)
  • Anti-aging services (PRP and stem cells, facial rejuvenation)

Opened Practice - Pure Health Bahamas - 2013

  • Nassau Bahamas

  • Providing integrative medical services to Bahamians and ex-pats

  • Focus on supporting executives in banking industry

  • Intravenous nutrients and bio-identical hormones

Certified Yoga Teacher and Meditation Instructor - 2012

  • Toronto Ontario
  • Stress reduction techniques using body and breath
  • The Yoga Sanctuary

Fellow in Anti-aging, Regenerative and Functional medicine (FAARFM) - 2012-

  • American-Academy of Anti-aging Medicine (A4M)

  • 7 years ongoing

  • Bioidentical hormones (male and female)

  • Adrenal (stress hormone) testing and treatment

  • Functional thyroid assessment and treatment

  • Cutting edge regenerative therapies (stem cells etc)

Licensed in Ontario as Integrative primary care doctor - 2012

Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine NMD - 2010

  • Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine (Toronto)

  • Residency in Integrative medicine at outpatient clinic

  • Residency HIV/community clinic

Three and a half years towards honors degree in pre-medicine/biology 2010, 

  • Took early acceptance to Medical School - CCNM

  • Eckerd College/University of Georgia (USA)

The trend for executives and high performing teams in Silicon Valley is towards a concierge medical model that keeps clients healthy and on top of their game, instead of waiting for them to burnout or get sick. Integrative medicine is the future of healthcare creating a marriage between the very best of both conventional and natural medicines, while developing individualised plans to help clients thrive.


Speaking Topics

Performing and Leading in a High Stress environment

  • Learn how high stress shrinks your brain and messes up our ability to make rational decisions while making us anxious and fearful
  • Learn why stressed leaders are poor leaders
  • How stress drives executives to make poor lifestyle and food choices that increase risk of cancer, heart disease and diabetes and how to mitigate these

  • Using nutrition and targeted supplementation to manage stress

  • Latest stress assessments and testing - how to

  • Leading team’s under stress - do’s and dont’s

  • How to protect your brain when under unavoidable stress

What is Biohacking and how can it help me perform better?

  • What is biohacking and what are Nootropics (smart drugs)?
  • How silicon Valley elite CEO’s and entrepreneurs are using biohacking to gain a competitive edge
  • Fueling your brain for high performance
  • Learn how to use legal and safe supplements for better memory/concentration and recall
  • Using Nootropics for better focus engagement and staying calm under pressure
  • Learn how to hack your work environment for better performance
  • Biohacking for the best sleep ever
  • Using leading edge technology and wearables