Free 15 min Consult


Are you sick and tired of not feeling 100%? Low energy, stress, hormone imbalances, brain fog, sleep disorders, tummy trouble or blood pressure creeping up? Bloods come back normal but you know something is wrong?

Did you know most chronic disease, like autoimmunity, cardiovascular disease and alzheimer's begin many years before they are actually diagnosed?  

Our integrative medicine? is all about YOU! We can help you finally address imbalances, prevent disease and optimise your health through leading edge biohacking techniques, advanced testing and assessment and the creation of individualised treatment plans that take into account you as a whole person, not just standard bloods and a few physical symptoms.

Speaking with a member of our team will shed light on why, in order to truly optimise our health, looking at multiple areas of the body, our genetics, lifestyle and our environment is necessary.  


During our introductory call we will be able to:

  • Go over the results of your health questionnaires

  • Clarify your health goals and evaluation if our approach is right for you

  • Learn about our programs to optimise your stress, sleep, energy and hormones

  • Learn about our membership program and benefits

  • Ask questions about how integrative medicine can address your specific health concerns.

  • Learn more about what it’s like to be a patient at our office and what to expect

  • Schedule your first appointment


Client Testimonials:

"I love Bloom because i know someone will be there for me when i need it, and i wont have to leave messages with reception." DH

“With the hormone program, i've finally got my period back.  I had no idea it could happen so fast” ML

“I saw three MDs and three cardiologists and not one of them even mentioned it. The integrative approach discovered things they didn't." CB